Friday, April 20, 2018

April 2017

 We made our way to Salt Lake to go to conference.  Aunt Jess was leading the choir, and we got to go to the session!

 We ran in to Mimi and Papi!  A fun surprise. 
 Way to go Jess, you are amazing!
 I love the temple!  The grounds are so beautiful!
 We stayed at Zermott with the Badgetts.  

 The YW did a service project every month. This month they delivered Easter baskets that they put together to the single sisters in the ward. Happy Easter!
 Reilynn's cute class did morning opening at the school.
 SPRING BREAK!!!  Mark finally convinced me to drive over the border with our kids and go to Rocky Point.
 I am so happy he did!!  The Myers and Scows joined us for the best 4 days EVER!!

 Sidenote:  Mark has braces:)
 We had the beach to ourselves, ate yummy tacos, ate yummy ice cream, ate yummy churros (do you see what matters most), and played games, and had the best time!
 The girlies all got their hair braided.

 Mark attempted to jet ski and banged up his rib and shin. 

 On our way home from Mexico, we stopped in AZ to see cousins.  We went to Mallory's track meet, and went to the Easter Pageant. 
 Uncle Mike saved seats all day so we could sit in the front row...amazing!

 Parker's soccer team.  This has been a magical team for him. Sad that this was the last year...too many kids graduating to high school and getting too old to play.
 We babysat some friends cute kids for a few days.  They were so sweet!
 How many kids can you fit into one suburban?  A TON!
 We live for ice cream around here!

 Kasidee was part of a community choir.  She didn't love it, but it was a good experience. 

 Our poor turtle Leo died.  :(

More cheer fun.

March 2017

 Youth Conference.  The stake did an amazing job this year!  The finally was a HUGE bonfire and lighting lanterns...
 Human battleship for mutual tonight.  Wyatt thought he was big enough to join in.
 Kas joined some cute friends on a day of fun.  They went to the museum and had a great time!
 Loving some basketball.

 The Fraziers came to Vegas!  We went out on the town...a little Hash Hash, Bellagio fountains, and good times!

 The boys went to the rugby tournament.  I'm sure there were many mission stories shared that night...
 Cheer girls.
 Enrichment night..cute friends.
 It was Disney day at school today...we have the Mad Hatter, Jesse the cowgirl, and Captain Hook.
 Our elementary school has a bike rodeo every year.  They set up obstacle courses for your bike, teach about bike safety and give the kids helmets if they don't have one...which we don't.
 Wyatt learned how to write his name...cute!
 General Women's conference...a little Blaze pizza after. 
 Addi got the spirit stick at cheer practice today for having good spirit and working hard.
 Apparently I "heart" exercising.  
 Reilynn's class was leaning about the different layers of the earth's core.  
St Paddy's Day...There is NO chance of getting pinched today!