Thursday, October 20, 2016

While Dad's away, the kids (and mom) all play!

 Mark had a guys trip, rafted down the Grand Canyon with some high school buddies the week before school started.  So we headed to St. George to hang with Grandpa and Grandma.  Of course we made several stops at our happy place...SWIG!
 Grandpa introduced Addison to the deliciousness of cook and serve pudding.  I think they made every flavor possible. :)
 Yes, Addison you did!
 Reilynn lost both her front teeth.  The tooth fairy even found her at grandpa and grandma's house.
 We brought lunch to grandma at her work.  Parker and Grandpa were on an adventure of their own.
 We went to the bumper boats.  It was short, but fun.  And we all left thoroughly soaked.

 We took lunch to the Children's Museum and had a picnic.  Such a fun park.

 And of course, had to go inside for a minute too.
 And this is where Parker and Grandpa disappeared to.  Grandpa sold his motorcycle, and couldn't go long with finding himself another toy.
 We broke it in with him.
 Everyone got a ride with grandpa driving, and then a ride with me driving.  We had lots of fun before heading back to Vegas.

 While they were waiting for their turn, they were climbing all over the underpass.

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma, we had a good time!!!

Youth Beach Trip

 Before we get to the beach, Addison had a fun trip to the skating rink with her cute friend Natasha.  I only had one pic, so I added it in here.
 Our Bishop challenged the youth to find and complete 1,000 family names in the temple (baptisms). We had about 6 months, and we did it!!!  They actually went above and beyond and completed 2,050!!!
 They rented vans, met at the church at 4 in the morning, and headed to Huntington Beach.
 We had a great time!  The kids played games, boogie boarded, ate lots of food, then we packed back up. 
We stopped at Chick Fil A for dinner on our way home, and made it back about 11:30pm.  It was a very long day, but so worth it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Josh and Emily's Wedding

 The first nephew is getting married!!  Crazy how old that makes you feel! :)
 Emily is from California, so we had an excuse to go a day early and play on the beach with cousins.
 The beach is the BEST!!!

 Here are the cute cousins outside the San Diego Temple.

 The reception was beautiful.  It was in the backyard of Emily's family's house.  They kids had so much dancing together.
 Wyatt was not about to get left out of all the fun!

 Here are the girls dancing with the groom.  We love you Josh!  We are so happy for you!

 The day after the reception and wedding, we had one more day to play at the beach.  It was a great day!

 Then on our way back home, we hit the Mormon Battalion Historic Site.  I was really impressed.  I had low expectations, and they were all exceeded!