Saturday, May 28, 2016

Followed Home

 After conference, Karen and Jessie came to Vegas for their spring break.  
 They spent the whole week with us.  It was so fun.
We of course fit in some manis and pedis!

General Conference

 We were lucky to be going to SLC for conference and Mark's mission reunion...and it just so happened that Savannah got her mission call that weekend too!
 You are hereby called to serve in the Rochester, New York mission.  She will serve at the visitors center.  It is perfect for her!!!
 Karen and Rob were so happy that she wasn't going to Mexico! :)
 Mark's mission reunion was great, as always.  I hope our kids can have the amazing experience that Mark did when they serve.  He has formed bonds with these men that will last eternity!
 Frazier, Moe, President Beliston.
 Kelli and her kids came for Savannah's mission call opening too.
Ashley Vogl was so cute to let us come out to her work and watch her trim some horse hooves.
Then she saddled up one of her horses and took all the kids for rides.  They were in heaven.

Wyatt was even brave enough to go for a ride.

But Wyatt preferred the broken down tractor by the horse pasture, to the actual horse riding.
Parker and Mark went to priesthood session with my dad, Dustin, Marc Menden, McKay and Josh.  They didn't get a group pic.
Then Sunday afternoon session we were able to go and be there for Jess' first time singing with the MOTAB chior.  So glad we could go and take the kids!  
Bailey will be old enough next time!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Bailey's Field trip

 I was lucky enough to be selected to go on Bailey's class field trip as a chaperon.  The kids got to go to the Smith Center and see Clifford the Big Red Dog.
It was a cute show.

Easter 2016

General Women's Conference

 I love that they now invite girls 8 and up to come to women's conference.  It is a special night with my girls!
And an excuse to go to Olive Garden after! :)

Spring Break in Zion's National Park

 Of course, right before heading out to go camping for spring break, Wyatt jumps funny on his leg on the trampoline and then he won't walk on it for 2 days.  So we squeezed in a quick trip to urgent care to x-ray everything and make sure we were good to go.
 We had a pit stop in St. George to pick up grandpa and grandma's RV and then headed to Zion's National Park for a few days.

 We were lucky to get a camping spot, it was packed!
 We found a spot, set up camp, and then started eating.  We ate so much junk in such a short amount of was pretty gross/impressive...depending on who you ask. :)
 The kids were in heaven!  The big kids slept in the tent, and we had Wyatt and Bailey who slept in the RV with us.
 These big boulders were right by our sight, so the kids played and played on them.

 We tried to go hiking, but the weather didn't cooperate.  So we took the shuttle up the mountain, got off for a quick walk, and then rode it back down again.
 Grandpa and Grandma came and met us for the day to hike and have dinner with us.

 "Mom, look a W!!"
 Zion's really is beautiful!

 I am excited for this new faze of life we are getting into.  No more babies, we can start doing more things like this.  Camping is so much work, but it is so much fun!
Now we just need a boat! (Did I say that out loud?)


 We had a pretty amazing YW lesson on temple work.  I want to remember the spirit I felt that day.
 The laurels are tying quilts for all the laurels graduating this year.  This is the first one we did.  Veronica, you will be missed!

I had to snap a pic of this positive peer pressure in action.  Because we were sitting next to Wyatt's 2 little friends in sacrament meeting, and they were singing, Wyatt got his book out and was trying to sing the hymns too.  It was pretty cute.

Guess who came for a visit...

Grandpa came down on his motorcycle to help us for the weekend.  Parker was learning how to power wash, the girls were having a lazy Saturday, and Wyatt was potty training...good times!

First time at the Dentist.

 Wyatt was a champ!  He kicked back in the chair with his shades on and did great!  He had some pretty protective big sisters making sure the dentist wasn't going to do anything to hurt their little brother.