Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Big 3-8

 Mark didn't have enough fingers to show me how old he turned today...he needed A LOT of help! :)
 Mark woke up to a Sonic route 44 oz diet coke, and then took the whole day to sleep off this last business trip.  He has been putting in crazy hours, with time changes, and it is brutal!  
 When he finally graced us with his presence at dinner time, we had yummy papa johns pizza and pazookies for dessert.
 Everyone gave him his gifts, which Reilynn and Wyatt gladly opened for him...
 And Bailey made him this sweet card.
Mark, we love you so much!!  Thanks for all you do for our family.  Thanks for your unwavering faith and stability.  Thanks for your kind gentle way with all of us.  Thanks for helping us laugh when we need to.  Thanks for being the rock of our family.  Love you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bailey was the STAR of the show!!

 We have officially started our birthday season.  Bailey always kicks it off for us!
 She is now 7.  And a very cute 7, if I do say so myself!
 We began the morning by playing on the grass.  We had to stay off of it for 2 weeks, and it just so happened that Bailey's bday was just about 2 weeks from when we put in the grass.  
 Bailey woke me up with, "mom, it is my birthday, can we go out on the grass right now?"
 They were so excited!!!

 Kasidee was fully initiated, and even stepped in gross dog poop! :)
 Then, we headed off to soccer games.  
 I took the three girls to there games, and Mark took Parker to his that was at a different field and the same time as Addison's.
 At 7:30, the bday festivities began.  They all played tag and jumped on the trampoline until we had cake.

 Happy birthday sweet girl!  
 This spunky girl has brought so much joy into our family.  She is always ready for fun and games.  She plays so great with Reilynn.  They love to get out their American Girl dolls/ Lego Friends/ and Beanie Boos and use their imaginations.  She loves to put Wyatt on her hip and take him out on the trampoline.  She draws people to her with her infectious joy.

 Make a wish cute girl!
 Then we headed out to the home theater that was ready to go...complete with concessions.
 Mark made special money for the occasion.
 Addison refused to abandon her post as hostess.  She was ready incase anyone needed seconds. Good job Addi!

 They watched Penguins of Madagascar.  
Happy 7th birthday Bai.  We love you!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Track Meet

 Parker and Kasidee were able to run in a 4-school/ 5th grade track meet.  
 It was so fun!!  They bussed all the kids to a local high school, and all the kids were able to run in 2 races and do 2 field events.

 Parker ran the 50 m, and the 4 x 400m relay.
 He took first in both his running events.  
 Kas also ran the 50m, and then she ran the 4x200m relay.  I'm not sure if I wrote that right...each kid ran 50m in her relay.
 She took 3rd in her individual race, and 2nd in her relay.  She did awesome!!!
 Mark was reliving his track-star days, helping down on the field with the races. 
 Here's Kas in her relay.  She was the final runner.  It was so close...
 You can see the girl in the far right of the photo crossing the finish line only a step before Kas.
 Mark had lots of advice for Parker before his relay race...
 "Whatcha gotta do..."

 Parker was the first runner for his relay team.  They did great!
Watching the kids today, made me SO excited for the fun stuff ahead!  Next year is middle school (CRAZY), and maybe they will run stuff!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Handsome Little Man

 When did my baby grow up??!!  Man, it is amazing how much a hair cut changes them...he is so grown up now!

Brian Regan

Mark and I went with my Mom and Dad, and Aunt and Uncle to Brian Regan at Tuacahn.  The weather was perfect, and the show was great.  It was a really fun night!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's so green!!!

 We are finally getting grass!
 I couldn't believe how much sod was on the truck!!
 I was very very very grateful for a loving husband who saved my back and hired some guys to lay the sod for us!!!  That was a huge job!
 It is so beautiful!  I can't believe the difference in our yard, having some green to look at!  I keep opening our blinds to see out and see green!  Do you need to see it again?  Oh, ok, here you go...
The only bad thing is we aren't suppose to get on it for 2 weeks.  It is torture!!!  But good torture!