Saturday, March 12, 2016

Boys will be Boys

 Wyatt went outside and was playing with the irrigation hose in the front.  It immediately became a gun.
He was shooting all the cars driving by.  Cute boy!

It is official Christmas Season

 Let the Christmas festivities begin!  The Laurels came over for some gingerbread house decorating...
 and of course, my kids wanted in on the action!
 We even got to have Hallie join in on the fun with us!

Blast from the Past

 I had some old pics saved on my phone, and I wanted them saved in the scrapbook...
So, here is my Grandpa Jack.  I love him so much!  I love that no matter what he did, he always smelled like grease when I gave him a hug.  He always had a little grease around his nail beds (and it wasn't for a lack of scrubbing :) I loved his long speeches and testimonies at our family gatherings.  I loved his strength!  I love my Grandpa!!
 How sad is it that I have no idea which baby this is....It is either Addison or Bailey.  I think it is Addi.  Well, regardless of who it is...each and every kiddos of ours is a blessing to our family!  I can't imagine our family without any of them!
 Here are some pictures of my dad.  He loved flying.  He was taking a long enough and high enough trip one time that he needed some oxygen.  I loved when just the 2 of us would go up, and he would let me fly.  

 This picture was from when I was in high school.  It looks like Moses Lake potholes.  We had some really good times on that boat.  Memories to last a lifetime!
 Here is "grandpa" with his only 2 grandkids at the time.  Parker and Kasidee didn't quite know what they thought of a grandpa who would bark like a dog and moo like a cow (they would kind of move closer to grandma :)...but then they would have magical moments like this one, building snowmen in the backyard.  Such a good grandpa!
 Who needs a pool when there are buckets of water to sit and play in?!?!  Hours of entertainment!
Look at those sweet faces!  It is crazy how fast time flies!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


 Mark had a work trip in CA, so my mom and dad were sweet enough to come watch the kids for the weekend so I could tag along.  
 Cory and Lori just had sweet Dylan, and we got to go help out a little.  It was heaven!!!
Snuggling a new baby, when you haven't just been the one to have said new baby is pretty great!
Also, my mom and dad were champs...everyone started throwing up as soon as we left.  They had some pretty sick kids, and then they themselves were pretty sick too.  Sorry mom and are awesome!

Thanksgiving in St. George

 We had kind of a different Thanksgiving this year to accommodate everyone's crazy schedules...ok, just Brian's crazy schedule...haha But it was a great Thanksgiving! 
 We stayed in Vegas for Thanksgiving morning, Mark and Parker went to play at the turkey bowl, and I got things ready to go.  As soon as they came home (and showered) we took off for St. George.
 Brian had to work all weekend, stinking paramedic, saving lives and all...So, we planned lots of fun activities and then had Thanksgiving on Sunday.  We went to the community center and climbed the rock wall and swam, we played games with Dustin and Jess...

 Grandpa flew his airplane...
 Grandma and Grandpa had just recently returned from we had a China night.  They showed us videos from their trip, the kids opened gifts from China, and then we went out and ate Chinese (ok Mongolian) food.
 Wyatt was a fan!  All the kids had a fun time trying the chopsticks!

 Grandpa just had a full knee replacement, and Wyatt was a big helper getting him ice.
 We finished off the weekend by going to the Live Nativity at Tuacahn.  It was awesome!

I loved having the focus of our Thanksgiving end with what we all should be the most thankful for.  Our Savior!