Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Visit to St. George

 While Parker and Mark went to scout camp, we headed to St. George to play with Grandpa and Grandma.
 The Collins were visiting my parents, so we got to play with them a little too.
 A candy bar letter for Grandpa for father's day.  
 We met up with Jessica and her cute boys at the river.  The kids had a really good time!
 The kids played in the dirt, skim boarded, and played in the water fall.  
 There were even spots in the river where water was bubbling up from underground, and it was freezing cold.  I haven't seen anything like that before...neat!
 There were also tad pole ponds...the kids thought it was cool...I don't really love little things swimming around my feet. :/

 Love Jess!  Everyone thinks we look more like sisters than cousins. :)
 Then we came back for more pool time.
 Wyatt was laughing at "bumpa" making bubbles.
 The girls played games with Grandma.
 And we of course had to celebrate Grandpa's birthday with Iceberg shakes...YUM!!!

Summer happenings...

 Swimming with cousins...
 Summer basketball leagues...
 More basketball games...
 Summer chores....
Movie nights....

We are smitten with this cute boy!

 Wyatt has all of us wrapped around his chubby little finger!  
 He is in love with goggles right now, if he finds a pair they are around his neck or on his head.
 Even when he's not feeling great, he is still cracking us up.
And he LOVES his "bumpa"!