Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Nothing says "Fall" like slicing apples, sprinkling them with cinnamon and sugar, and dehydrating them...in Halloween costumes! The trunk or treat was fun too!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spy Meeting

 I love my cute hubby!!!  He called a spy meeting before we went out to "Boo" our neighbors.
 Everyone was ready to do whatever they were asked of...I need to call "spy meetings" more often!
Here the kids are hiding in the truck to see if the neighbors pick up the treat they left them...very sneaky!!!


Yesterday Parker ran the ball in for a touchdown, and then a 2-point conversion...way to go buddy!!!
Almost at the same time, Addison was across the field scoring a goal at her soccer game...good worker!!!


 This was a while ago, but better late than never....right?
 I love the smell of pumpkin!!!  Cutting them open and scooping out all the goo is the best part.
 Sarah agreed with me.
 Bailey didn't.
 Sister Broomhall was helping Kas get started.
 Painting pumpkins was fun too.
 We put candles in the pumpkins that night to give the girls the full affect.
 Here are Parker's and Kas' scary faces.  Parker, I think you win scariest face award.
Little punk, caught in the act of trying to pinch his sister.  Busted!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Visitors from Down Under

 We had some special visitors last week!!!  This is Michelle, and her 2 daughters, Isabella and Amber.  They are from Australia, where Mark served his mission. 
 The kids love having special visitors, it means special treats...like doughnuts for breakfast, and...
 ...fun trampoline places.
 I have to say that the place we went to in Utah, with the foam pits, was more fun.  But the kids definitely had a good time!
 Then we loaded everyone up and headed to San Antonio for the weekend.
 We hit a couple accidents and construction on the way there.  I think it took us 5 hours to finally get to our hotel.
 Luckily the Alamo and the River Walk were a huge hit.  They all loved it!
 It was fun taking the kids.  They are getting old enough that they can enjoy the sites too.
 We were lucky to go on a weekend when they had lots happening.  They had reenactments and period-dressed people all around the Alamo, and there was some sort of art festival right outside our hotel.  The streets were blocked off and everyone could color all over the sidewalk and street with chalk. 
 Luckily it only took us the normal 3 hours to get home.
 Michelle and the girls taught us all the Australian ways to say things...my favorite was "Mackers" for McDonald's.
 Then Michelle treated us to a night of Australian dishes, including pumpkin soup from scratch, pumpkin slice, bread and butter pudding, pumpkin scones, and pavlova.  Mark was in heaven!  I think the pumpkin soup and the pumpkin scones were my favorites.  It was all so yummy!
Next, we carved pumpkins...something they don't do back home.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I love...

 *When I hear Bailey invite Reilynn to sit on her lap so she can see better.
*Finding my girls like this without any prompting from me.

Conference Weekend

 We had a family from AZ come visit us for a couple days. 
 They were going on a cruise, heading out of Galveston, so they dropped by to say hi before they left.
 Parker LOVED having three boys around.  The poor kid is surrounded by girls all the time...it is nice to even the playing field a little.
 They enjoyed using Mark's truck as a toy.  Parker came in and asked for the keys so he could "roll down the windows and turn on the A/C"...Dream on buddy, you aren't getting keys for a LONG time!!
We showed them Town Square.  I'm sad that the picture turned out so blurry...I don't know what happened.
It was fun to see y'all!!


 Addison is enjoying soccer right now. 
 For being a little shy sometimes, she isn't on the field.
 She doesn't hesitate to push her way to the ball, and I'm not going to lie, it makes me one proud mama.  I love watching her be so confident!
I finally bring my camera on Saturday, and I miss the only time Parker is playing on his flag football team.  Addison's game is always at the same time and I timed it wrong...next week I will try again.

Saved by Mom and Dad

 I have still been forced to take it easy with my annoying ankle.  Mark had to go out of town for 2 1/2 weeks, so my parents flew in for a long weekend to help.
 They were so amazing!  My mom shampooed all the carpets downstairs, mopped the kitchen floor, and mowed the lawn.  My dad hung two doors in our office upstairs, fixed the annoying flapping sound my A/C was making in my car, and fixed the lights in my garage. 
 Found time to take the kids to a movie,
...and sit with them every night and chat about everything happening in their lives.
Come back!!!  Love you mom and dad!  Thanks for coming and helping, you are the best!