Monday, January 20, 2014


 Parker loves not being the only boy around,
and Wyatt adores his big brother.


 Christmas morning, can't wait to come downstairs!  And I didn't get any pictures of kiddos opening presents this year.  Slacker mom!
 Here's Parker playing with his new tablet, Addison playing with Kasidee's new tablet with her new camera in her lap.
 My dad loves having a project when he this time he changed all the electrical outlets and light switches from off-white to white.  They look so good!!!  Thanks dad, that was hours of work!
 My mom cleaned my house for me, and if you new how dusty and dirty everything was from doing the floors, you would realize how nice this was!  She also cleaned all the back windows inside and out...AMAZING!  Here she is helping me with the curtains for the living room.
 We gave addison my old desk for Christmas, with a can of paint.  Then we had a project to do together.
 I think it turned out pretty cute.
 And because Addison had a project, Bailey and Reilynn wanted a project.  So luckily we had an old shelf we could paint and put in their room. 
I really liked having a project to do.  It might become a new tradition.
 Here is "moose" with Grandma.
The day my parents flew out, my mom had one more trick up her sleeve.  She helped my stock my freezer with easy meals for later.  Thanks mom, you are the best.

It was a very Merry Christmas at our house!

Christmas Eve

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring....
 Oh wait...
 It was so fun to have my mom and dad here for Christmas!  
 Here's everyone in their new jammies.
 It is tradition in our house to open new jammies and a family game on Christmas Eve night.  This year was game!
 Ok, enough games.  Go to bed so Santa can come!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


As soon as we got home from Utah we started tearing out the floors.  I'm not going to lie, it was a terrible time to start such a dirty huge project...right before Christmas...but luckily we finished in time to enjoy Christmas.

Signing Grandpa's Cast

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More Zions

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Christmas at Thanksgiving

 Despite the look on Parker, Kasidee, and Addison's faces...Thanksgiving dinner was awesome.
 Lots of really yummy food, and it was really fun to be all together!
 After dinner we had our Christmas Family Home Evening.  
 Jess played the piano, and we all sang some songs.
 The kids dressed up and acted out the Nativity.
 Payden was a cute Joseph, Addison was very excited to be Mary, and Wyatt was the chubbiest baby Jesus the world has ever seen.
I love the holiday season!

More Fun...

 Bike races with Grandpa and his scooter...
 Brian showing off his skills...
 Cookie decorating with cousins...(thanks Aunt Glenna)
 Game time...
 Parker's masterpiece...
 Fun at the park...
 Seeing cousins I hadn't seen in 10 plus years...
 Mark was there too...
And of course, there was food and Diet Coke!

Different Adventures in St. George

 We tried to go to a dinosaur museum in town and it was a bust!  Parker's face pretty much sums up the experience.
 Tracing dinosaurs with stencils was the highlight.
 On another day we went to Zion's.  It was beautiful.  The Riverside Walk was perfect for a group of little kids, out of shape adults and strollers.  It was fun!

 On a different day we headed out to my cousin Jessica's house.  
 Isaac took right to Reilynn!
 They have 3 boys, and every size of motorcycle you could need.  My kids were in heaven!
 I took Reilynn for a ride, talk about a leg workout to keep my legs from dragging on that little bike!
 Parker had fun on the track.
 Even Addison braved it with the big boys!
 Bailey rode with me at first, but was able to ride by herself by the end of the day.  
Jess, Aunt Glenna, and Grandma Taylor with Wyatt.  It was so fun to see everyone!
Thanks Jess!