Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mark's Phone-Take 2

 Scout camp...I was so happy that Mark was a leader for Parker's first scout camp.  I wasn't nervous at all to have him gone for a week.
 For Addison's bday, she got her ears pierced.  She was so excited, but terrified at the same time.  
 After they pierced the first ear, she didn't know if it was worth it to get the other one done.  Luckily, she was brave and has even ears to prove it.
 Mark surprised me and set up a fun date night.  He organized a babysitter, filled the back of his truck bed with blankets and couch cushions, and we went camping overnight.  It was so fun!
 I don't know why Wyatt doesn't want to stay in sacrament meeting.  It looks like the foyer is NO FUN at all! 
 On there way home for Thanksgiving, the Mendens stopped at our house for a night.  It was so fun to have them, even if it was a quick stop.  
 Wyatt cornered McKay, and had him read Elmo over and over and over and over and over again.
 Jessica was so sweet with the kids.  She is such a doll!
 Here was Wyatt's only time on the ice, at Christmas.  He wanted out on the ice so badly, but then hated it once we got out there.
 The blockade Christmas morning at Grandma and Granddad's house.
 I didn't think we were going to be able to fit it all...but here is the proof that all of Christmas came back home with us.  We didn't even have to leave a kid behind.
 Addison got new boots for Christmas.  This girl is growing up way too fast!
 This needs no explanation...AHHH!!!
 We finally are taking out the nasty carpet in the dining room.  After pics to come.
Even Parker wanted in on the action.

Mark's Phone-Take 1

 Mark only downloads the pics from his phone every blue moon...So I have all these pictures out of order.  But, we don't want to leave them out, so here they are.
A visit from Granddad!  Wyatt Grant's name sake. :)
 The Utah State Bowl game...which they won!  Mark and I flew to New Mexico for the game.

 Look at that mop of hair!  I was so scared that if I cut it, it wouldn't be red anymore.  Luckily, it is still red!  Love that boy!
 Not exactly sure what this pic is.  But this is a classic Mark face, and we would never want to forget it!
 We went on a hike with some other families, up Lone Mountain.  It was a scary hike!  It was straight up...I was very nervous!  Come to find out, the back side is an easy skip up the trail kind of hike.  We went down that way!
 Mark was called to be the deacon's adviser, which meant he got to go on camp outs with the boys.  This one, to Cold Creek, was not his favorite.  They had winds so strong that it threw rocks and shattered his window.  The wind also snapped his tent poles.  That was an expensive camp out!
 They did have wild horses though...beautiful!

 The scouts got the opportunity to go skiing.  Mark got to go too.
 Mark came back SO sun burned!  Even his eyes were was so sad.
 I love these 2 boys/men.
 This season of soccer we had 4 kids playing.  Our Saturdays were crazy to say the least.
 They all loved their teams and had a lot of fun though!  

 Grant and Judy moved from Mesa to Gilbert.  Mark drove down to help them.  The 3 little girls skipped school and went too.

Friday, April 22, 2016


 Happy Valentine's Day!  I love having a mantel to decorate!
 Reilynn helped me get wood at Home Depot for our latest project....boxes for the YW fundraiser.  Kas earned enough for camp this summer!
They turned out pretty cute!

Addison's field trip

 We went to an old (imitation) mine in Vegas.  They got to pan for gold and everything.
 The kids had a great time.


I can't believe I didn't get any other pictures of this trip.  
Mark had been travelling a lot, and he thought he had a week off...well, it ended up that he had to go to Houston.  He was pretty bummed about not being able to stay home with the family.  
Since it was such a short trip, Ashley and Brian were so nice to come and watch the kids.  I went with Mark.  I took this picture because I love and miss how the traffic light are sideways in Texas.  
It was fun to stay with Rob and Jess, and see so many other friends.  For being such a short trip, I ran into so many good friends.  It was awesome!!

Special Bond

Bailey is the baby whisperer!  She won't give up until whoever it is, family or not, LOVES her.  And this was the case with Jack.  He loves her!  They are really cute together!  Jack was trying to do the splits like Bailey.  

Great Grandma Taylor

 Great Grandma Taylor turned 90.  I love living close enough to enjoy these smaller celebrations.  We drove to St. George for the night and enjoyed seeing family and celebrating Grandma!
Genevieve Taylor is an inspiring woman.  She is a fighter, a lover, she has the best memory (remembering all 50 of her grand kids' names and birthdays)  She can even keep most of her great grand kids straight most of the time.  I don't even know how many there are.  She is pretty impressive!

More Randomness

 I don't really remember what this picture was.  But I did want to include it because these two have a pretty amazing bond.  Wyatt will go search out Bailey to play with him.  She is really patient with him.  They are pretty sweet.
 This crazy girl LOVES pickles!  She can eat a bowl of pickles after school as a snack.  
 This was a rare moment when all the girls were actually happy doing the same thing.  They were looking up things to draw on the computer.  It doesn't happen very often that ALL 4 girls are happy doing something.
The 100th day of school is always a favorite.  Why dressing up like you're 100 is so fun, I'll never know.  They are pretty cute 100 year olds though!