Saturday, December 31, 2011

Family Fun

Mesa Temple Lights:
 We went to Hamburger Haven before crossing the street to the was so yummy!!!  They have pastrami burgers that were killer!
Then the whole group (minus a few the person taking the picture cut out) headed over to the temple.

Slumber Party at Granddad and Grandma's:
 The cousins watched a movie and slept on blankets. 
 I don't think one eye closed before 11 o'clock that night.
 Sugar Cookie Decorating:
 Sprinkles, frosting, and more cookies than we could count....the perfect combination for 20 grand kids.
 The highlight was when Gordon, age 7, lead everyone in singing Christmas carols at the top of their lungs.  I was so glad I had the video camera close...cute!
Snow From Logan:
 Uncle Mike and Aunt Jen came from Utah, and brought a trailer load of snow with them.  It lasted a couple of days on Granddad and Grandma's yard.  Who knew on little pile of snow could be so fun?!?
Polar Express Movie Night:
 Uncle Marc and Aunt Michelle invited everyone over for a fun outside movie night in their backyard. 
 It was a cold night, which was perfect for candy canes,
 hot cocoa,
 and popcorn.
 Cute Mallory and Jessica!
 Gordon and Parker found sweet spots on the hammock swings. 
 Michelle even went to a theater to get the good popcorn.  What a fun night!!!
 Thanks Michelle and Marc!
 Parker came in to warm up for a second, before heading outside for round two of hot chocolate. 
Cutie Patootie Maryn and Sydney.

More pictures to was such a fun trip!

AZ or bust

We went to AZ for Christmas to be with Mark's family. The kids had so much fun with all their cousins! Here is Natalie.

Santa Came to Town

Santa came to our ward party. Addison, Bailey and Reilynn wouldn't get on his lap. There is always next year.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


 The weather didn't cooperate with us, so we cancelled our excursion in Jamaica, and after the downpour subsided, we headed out to explore on our own.
 Mr. Stilts was there to greet us, very nice.  He was quick to tell us that it would be perfectly acceptable for us to tip him for the Kodak moment. 
 It was very kind of him. :)
 We walked around all the booths, saw everything there was to see, and then wandered outside the gates...
 The "real" Jamaica was a little scary.  People trying to "guide" you into their little shop, or "I braid your hair pretty lady,"  and there were a lot of men standing around.  Luckily, we found this really nice man who took us in his van all around the island. 
 We went here for lunch...
 And as you can see, I was not happy about sharing with Mark...hands off my food buddy!  Haven't you learned, it has been 11 years, you don't mess with my food.  Ok, so I really didn't mind sharing, I don't know what that look on my face was, but thanks mom for capturing it.
We ended the day with a little dancing...I was having Zumba fun!  The Cuban shuffle is a blast, if you have had the chance to try it!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grand Cayman

Stingray Island:
 This was the craziest experience ever!
 The guide brought over this stingray and let us hold it,
 pet it,
 kiss it,
 and it gave us stingray massages.
 I think I will take a Swedish massage over a stingray massage, but it was pretty amazing.

 We ate lunch at Tikki Beach.  It was beautiful!

Then we left Grand Cayman right at sunset.  What a fun day!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


 In Cozumel we went on an ATV ride through the jungle.
It was so much fun! 
 I was a little worried because I caught whatever Addison had, and I was throwing up on the ship that morning.
 But I ended up feeling ok, and we had a blast.
 Mark thought he was a professional driver, and he passed me and sprayed mud up the side of me...punk!
 Here is my hot shot dad...lookin' good dad!
 I thought it would be a pretty easy route...but they actually took us on a pretty good ride.
 Cozumel was a lot of fun!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And We're Off!!!

 All you can drink Diet Coke...
 Beatle Mania...
 Titanic Reenactments...
 Towel animals...
 And Beautiful Sunsets...
Let the relaxing begin!!!