Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Mom, you killed the Holy Ghosts."

 After Enrichment, I brought home the table cloths to wash.  They didn't dry completely in my dryer, so I laid them out to finish drying.  Reilynn came in the room and said, "Mom, you killed the Holy Ghosts!"  
 the mind...
of a...
three year old!!!
Reilynn took pics of herself with my phone.  Cutie!

Happy Birthday Bailey!!!
Bailey turned 5, she can't wait to go to kindergarten this fall!!!

We love you Bails!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter weekend

 My parents sold their house in WA and are moving to St. George.  It happened really fast, and because I am having a baby, it was now or never to go home one more time...I chose NOW!
Here is my dad in his version of a man cave, working on his remote control airplane.
 I love my Grandma!  My dad and I went over to visit her, and her brother from ID surprised her and stopped by for a visit....I was so happy that I was able to be there and say hi to my Uncle Glade and Aunt had been a really long time since I had seen them.
 It isn't home without a ride with my dad on his hog.
 Heather and I are pregnant together again...only she is due in 10 days and I still have 3 months...not fair that we are the same size!!!
 Seriously...same size!!!
 My dad brought out a couple of his guns, don't ask me what kind they are...I don't know...I just shoot them.
 This little handgun was my favorite!  I loved going home one more time!  Thanks Mark, for taking on no school for Good Friday, and Easter weekend by yourself!....Here is what they were up to while I was away....
 The Primary Easter egg hunt...

 And here are the Easter Sunday morning pictures...

Good job Mark!  I love you so much for giving me the opportunity to go home one more time.

Stay-cation Springbreak

 Houston Rodeo...Here we come!
 We met up with a friend and here three cute kiddos and braved kids free day, during spring break, at the rodeo.
 We went as soon as it opened, and it wasn't so bad.  The kids loved the petting you can tell as Addison is making Reilynn pet the goat instead of touching it herself.
 Not the greatest picture, but I wanted to document that Mark came too...I couldn't have done it without him!!
 The little pygmy goats were adorable.
 Then each kid chose 2 rides...and we headed home as it was really starting to get crazy busy.
 The next day we headed to the beach.
 It was a beautiful day!  The sand was clean and soft, which is unheard of in our neck of the woods, and the water was actually kind of blue, also doesn't happen very often.
 The water was still too cold to play in, so everyone took advantage of the nice sand.
 We brought kites to fly, which were fun for a couple minutes.

 And Mark and Rob built a fire so we could roast hot dogs, cook our foil dinners, and have smores.
 Reilynn wouldn't put her toes in the sand last year, but she apparently forgot that she didn't like it, because she had a great time!
 Cutie girlies!  I love the beach!


 Parker loves basketball.  I love to see him running back and forth on the court, getting some of him energy out!
We ordered team pictures, but didn't seem to get them, so this was the best I had.  Go Lakers!!!  They took 2nd in the championship game.  Way to go Parker!

Little Ballerina

Groupon had a great deal for 10 weeks of dance...and I jumped at the chance to let Reilynn have a turn to dance.  She loved the first class, and then wouldn't go back in the studio...maybe next year.

We Love Ms. Charlene!!!

 Bailey came home from preschool with this the other day...
 Seriously?!?!?  It doesn't get any cuter!