Friday, September 28, 2012

"She's Pegged"

Can you name where the post title is from?  If you can, we probably get along really well.
 The kiddos figured out what those silver things sticking out of Parker's front tire are for.
 Bailey came running in the house, full speed, to drag me back outside so I could see their discovery.
 I caught myself holding my breath as they rode by me down the street.  I kept expecting them to crash and burn...but they didn't.
 I had to draw the line when Reilynn wanted to hop on...I'm not ready for that yet.
 Parker never tired as he gave his sisters turn after turn after turn...
 I love seeing them become friends.  Parker and Addison have little inside jokes together (which Kasidee hates).
Now, if we could just get the mosquitoes to go wherever it is they go when they aren't here...then we could sit outside and ride for hours on end.  Right now, we ride in a fog of Off.
By the way, the quote is from Kevin James' stand up...Sweat the Small Stuff.  Go watch it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


One last dip in the pool before the water is too cold to swim.  Let's face it, we are now weenies when it comes to swimming...We like our water warm!!! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

When did I become an embarrassment?!?!?

The other day I was scheduled to go and read to Addison's class.  I told Addi about it that morning as I was taking the kids to school. (And just a side-note, I take the kids to school everyday in my pj's.  I don't have to get out of the car....I don't hang out in them all day....just sayin'.)
Addison says to me, "Yeah, you are coming in to read?  Good!  Oh, mom....can you please wear clothes to my class, not your pajamas?" 
REALLY!?!?!?  I have never shown up to school in my jammies...thank you very much!!!  When did I become an embarrassment?!?!?  I am a cool mom...right?!?!?
P.S. This picture is of the preschool craft we did for Joy School, C is for Caterpillar.  Addison had to make one when she got home from school.  She couldn't miss out on the fun.

I promise I haven't picked up smoking!

I just reek like smoke...
I ordered a boot off amazon, and when I opened the box, I got a big whiff of smoke.  I never would have thought to ask if the previous owner was a I know.
FYI-I sprayed vinegar water all over it, and it took away most of the smell.  I need to do it a couple more times. I love vinegar, thanks pinterest!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Miss Independent

 I know this picture is a little fuzzy, but Bailey was very proud of her bunny ears...I couldn't leave it out.
I had to document these two outfits...they were abnormally "awesome." 
Bailey is very independent!!  She dressed herself in this church skirt, "matching" brown cowgirl boots, and this Utah State tee. 
Reilynn is sporting her dance leotard under her tank and favorite purple skirt that she wears every day it is clean, and some days when it isn't.
Usually I try and steer them in a better direction if we are going in public.  But since I hurt my ankle, we are doing good to get out in public dressed at all. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I have a good excuse!

I wish I had a better story for why I haven't been blogging, but here is what happened...Once upon a time this amazing woman started out her morning feeling good. She worked out at the gym and decided to be nice, and on her way home she vacuumed out her husband's truck that she was driving (because that is the nice caring wife that she is).
Well, she finished with Mark's car, drove home and decided hers was in desperate need as well.  She left her cute little girlies at home with Mark and went back to the vacuum place.  She was vacuuming away, when to her dismay she heard the machine beeping that it was almost out of time.  The car was horrendous from their road trip this summer and she needed more time!  She jumped out of the back of the Expedition and sadly her ankle gave out.  It popped, and she dropped to the pavement.

Well, she knew she wasn't thinking clearly, but even though her foot hurt, she still needed to get that quarter in the machine.  She got up, added more time to the vacuum, courageously limped over to the car, and finished cleaning.  As she was hanging up the hose everything started going fuzzy and black.  She sat down on the cement, ears ringing, eyes unfocused, and cold sweats (in the TX heat), led her to believe she probably hurt herself more than she thought.
After the wave of nausea passed, she called her handsome, loving, hero, Mark, who came to her rescue....and the rest is boring.  Hours on the couch icing and elevating.  After most of the swelling went down she had it x-rayed, luckily no broken bones.  Now she hobbles around the house with crutches (from when Mark hurt his knee that are for a 5'10'' person at the lowest setting) and a walker (compliments of her neighbor).
The End
Moral of the story, don't vacuum out your someone else to do it, it is very dangerous!

First Day of School...

 I say this at the beginning of every year...but,
 I can't believe I have two 3rd graders and a 1st grader.  They are growing up!
 "First day of school, whatever mom.  I'm too old for these pictures now that I am in 3rd grade."
 "Wait mom, take one more, I wasn't ready."
 "Mom, did you get my whole outfit in the picture?  It is my very favorite."
I hope that we can survive this school year, Parker and Kasidee already have shoulder aches from bringing home so much homework...and Addison is complaining that she hasn't had any yet. :)