Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome to the family Jess!

 Mark and I just flew to Utah for Dustin and Jessica's wedding.  It was so much fun to see everyone!
 Same old dad...

 Here are my cutie patootie nephews with Wyatt.  Cohen and Wyatt are only 2 months apart.  It will be fun for them to be little buddies!


This is Reilynn's favorite time to hold Wyatt...when she is watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Reading Time

 We are back into the swing of school, which means everyone is required to read for 20 minutes every day...
I love when it happens like this!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

8 sandwiches later...

 The first day of Reilynn's preschool where she had to have a lunch was yesterday....which meant I had to make five lunches.  Which means 5 sandwiches, right? No.
 I thought I would be extra nice and cut off the crusts, because they don't love them...and then that didn't look like enough for Parker, so I made him two. Now we are up to 6.
And Reilynn inspected her lunch before heading out the door and was really sad that I cut off her crusts, so I made one with crusts (only because it was her first day of preschool). Now we are at 7, not that you can't count on your own, I just like to say it out loud.
Okay, so we are at 7 sandwiches, and little miss R is still not happy.  I cut the sandwich in half, which apparently made her feel like less of a big kid.  ONLY because it was her first time packing a lunch for school, I made one last sandwich WITH crust, NOT cut in half! 
Eight sandwiches in one morning.
 The end. 
I can't believe we have 5 in school!!!

Preschool again

Reilynn is doing two preschools this year.  Here is the first day of Ms. Charlene's preschool. She is really excited!
She made sure I was going to just be dropping her off and not staying. She wants to be a big girl so bad!