Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2nd in the League

 Parker has been lucky enough to find an awesome soccer team to be a part of!  The coaches are positive, uplifting, and they challenge the kids.
 Parker has played on the team for 2 seasons now, and we are excited to stay as long as we can!  

 His team was undefeated until the last game.  They took 2nd in the league.  They fought hard and did great.  Parker is a great forward.  He has scored some goals this season, and had a lot of fun!
Now on to basketball season! :)

Kas, aka K-Dog

I can't believe how old this cute girl is!!!  We flat-ironed her hair for school today, she got her cute outfit on, and she looked 4 years older.  Craziness!  We love our quiet, strong, loving, spiritual giant Kasidee!  We are so blessed to have her in our family!

Happy Anniversary Homie

 Sadly, Mark was traveling on our anniversary.  It was our 15th. He sent me these beautiful flowers.
 I sent him a picture every hour for 15 hours. 
I am so so lucky to have Mark as an eternal companion.  He is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!!  

Thursday, February 18, 2016


A Young Women Waffle Night!  We had so much fun hosting the girls for a waffle bar and movie.
Out in the outhouse...
 Leaders and cute gloria.

A blast from the past!

 I found these gems...all the Gilbert boys cousins.
All the girl cousins minus Holly...who was apparently taking a nap.

Knee Replacement

 My dad has had bone on bone for a LONG time.  And with all his other health things going on, it got put on the back burner.  
 But as soon as they got back from China, he had it scheduled.  I went to St. George to help him out a little because my mom had to go back to work.
I thought this was sweet.  I love my mom and dad.  They are great examples of a happy marriage of 26 years.  


 I helped in Bailey's class for the Halloween party.  Here are their monsters they created.
 Wyatt randomly had this get up going on.  I don't know.:)
 The kids had a day off of we went to costco for lunch, and Ethan came too.  We had a lot of looks with this whole crew and only one of me!
 These are Reilynn's best little friends right now.  They are all in kindergarten, they are all doing gymnastics together...and they couldn't be any cuter!
One of Rei's friends wears a lot of dresses and tights, and she always has her hair curled.  A little positive peer pressure!!!  Rei wanted to get dressed up for school too!
Mark was out of town, I was going crazy, and it was family night at the drive-in movies.  So we loaded up, picked up pizza, and went to the movie.
 Wyatt wanted to dress up just like his sisters..but he still needed his trucks.

Pajama Day at school.


 A very talented seamstress in our ward helped me out with Rei's costume this year.  She added a little sparkle and a cape to a Brave costume we already had...and abracadabra...we have an Elsa costume!  Reilynn loved it!
 This cute kid was in heaven in his older brother's old baseball jersey and hat.  That smile tells it all!
 We have the devil, a blue man, Elsa, Wild Style (from Lego movie), a baseball player, and someone from the movie Descendants.  
 Twins being twins.
 My crazies!
 Bailey was so excited about her costume, but then everyone had to ask her who she was...and she hated that!  I don't think she will do that again.:)
 Addison loved putting the color in her hair.  We did it 3 or 4 times before the season was over.  Every chance she could get away with it, she had purple or blue in her hair.
The loot at the end of the night. Let the trading begin.

20th High School Reunion

 Mark and I took a quick weekend trip to Arizona for his 20th reunion.  They had food and drinks up on the roof of Dave and Busters.  It was more fun than I thought it would be. ;)
These are a lot of the guys he hung out with. It was a fun quick trip, just the 2 of us.

Back in time to the 90's

Mark was out of town and it was roller-skating night for the school.  So we all went to the rink for pizza, soda, and some skating.  Right at the end of the night, poor Kas fell hard on her backside and bruised her tailbone.  She was sore for a little while.  No fun!

Marshall and Lynnsdey's Family

 We were SO happy that we had visitors come just before Halloween.  They had a fall break, and we had a blast!
 We went to the Drive-In Movie...
 Maryn and Kas really got to know each other this trip.  I love that Kas has fun girl cousins just like I did when I was growing up. 
 Natalie and Addison...cutie patooties!  And then we have Parker...too cool for school dude.:)
 Wyatt was in heaven with all the treats and staying up past his bedtime!  He is definitely a fan of the "outside movies."  (Preston was so cute with Wyatt.  He would find him and play balls with him.)
 Getting ready for the school's fall festival.  Addison and Bailey cheered at it, so they didn't wear their costumes, but everyone else got all dressed up.

 Face-painting for the princesses.
 Here's the whole crew.  We had so much fun!!
We did a date night with Marshall and Lynnsdey.  We went to Guy Fieri's restaurant...SO YUMMY!

Best Buddies

These two are really good friends!  Brynlee is so cute, and Wyatt adores her!