Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fatty needs some oatmeal

 Looking at these cheeks, you would think he really liked food...
 ...not so much. :)
We keep trying, but not much success so far. He is a cute baby though!  Love you little man!

Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy Halloween!!!

 We had rain for 2 days straight...and we are talking flood the streets rain, not a drizzle.
Luckily, it stopped raining just in time to put on our costumes and go get some candy!
 We had a really fun group of kids to go with...we had 12 kids in all. 
Quite the crew!
Here is the rundown, if you can't tell what everyone is...
 Addison was a gypsy, complete with glitter in her hair and make-up...she looked so old!
 Reilynn was a cute kitty, with gypsy jewelry of course.
 Kasidee was Merida from Brave. Sadly, her wig was super heavy and didn't last long. But she was still a cute blonde Merida when it came off.
 Our kitty again...(I couldn't leave this one out!)
 Our little pumpkin man...stuffing included. :)
 Wolverine. (Funny story.  Parker had awesome long hair that we spiked just like Hugh's for the trunk-or-treat.  Not thinking clearly, I gave him his much needed haircut before Halloween.  Boo!  It really was awesome, and of course I didn't get one picture at the trunk-or-treat!!!)
 Bailey was another beautiful gypsy.

I hope y'all had a very fun Halloween, and you ate as much candy as our family consumed!

Blessing Wyatt

 Grant and Judy were able to fly down for Conference weekend and be here for Wyatt's blessing.
 It was spoiling to have them all to ourselves!  We enjoyed every minute!
 I hear what you are thinking..."HE'S HUGE!"  I know, I know.  We wanted to wait for Grant and Judy to be able to come, so we waited a little longer to bless him.
 It was so worth it!  What a neat experience to invite friends over and bless him in our home.
 Thanks Grandma and Granddad!  We miss you already!

Go Texans!

 It has been so much fun watching Parker play flag football this year!  Something clicked, and he is understanding the game better, and really having fun!
 Wyatt is always a hit on the sidelines!
 Always! :)
 Here are some shots of Parker in action...
Go Texans!!!