Monday, October 31, 2016


 We survived the first week of school, so we celebrated with some friends and some water. 
 Wyatt is getting old enough to have play dates of his own.  When did that happen?!?! 
 The Laurels had an activity where we wrote things about that person while they couldn't see.  Here is what my girls thought of me.
 The new jeep seats came in while Mark was out of town, so we took a picture to show him.
 Just being silly.
 Another play date after school.  We had massive amounts of kids over at our house.
It was pirate day at Krispy Kreme.  If you dressed up as a pirate, you got a free dozen doughnuts.  What?  Free sugar?? We are in!!!

Fist Day of Preschool

 It was finally his turn to go to school.  He was SO excited!!
It is pretty exhausting getting bigger!

Visitors and Labor Day hiking

 We were so excited when we found out Jenny and Kerry and their family were going to stop by for an evening.  I miss my cousins and Washington family so much!  It was so fun to see the kids have fun together, and to visit and catch up with Jenny and Kerry!
 A little red rover!
 Labor day hiking in Red Rock Canyon.

 We had heard a lot about Red Rock, but hadn't made it yet.  So we went on the kids' day off.


Mark had points, we love Mexico, and Karen and Rob needed an anniversary we went to Cancun!!!  Getting there was a long process.  Our flight from Vegas was cancelled right off the bat, so it was a crazy travel day, and we were lucky to get there at all...but we made it.
The resort didn't disappoint.  This was the view from our hotel balcony.  It was the most beautiful place!

 The infinity pool over looking the ocean from the resort.

 I have never seen water so turquoise and beautiful.
 We were going to split our time between the JW on the main land, and an all inclusive on Isla Mujeres.  We ended up staying on Isla Mujeres for one day, and then went right back to the JW Marriot. The all inclusive was a let down, so we stayed long enough to tour the island, snorkel, and get a cheap massage on the beach.  Heaven!  Then we headed back to the plush lounge chairs and pool side service.  We are spoiled rotten!
 We had fun renting a golf cart and driving all over the island.  We went snorkeling and saw lots of fish and the statues that are sunk in the ocean.
 We rented a jet ski to ride around in the ocean.  We were wanting bigger waves, but it was still a blast!
 Karen and Rob were really fun travel buddies!  Let's go again!
 The JW was really beautiful!
This was the ferry ride to Isla Mujeres.  We couldn't get enough of the beautiful water!  The men opted for air conditioning under the deck.

Dinner at a really yummy Italian food place.  Who doesn't go to Mexico and find Italian food? :)
It was a great trip!!!

Back to School

 Well, we had a great summer.  I can't believe it is already over.  I think this is the first summer I wasn't ready to see end.  Usually by the end, I am craving structure and schedules, but I was sad to see school starting this time. I had to add this picture because it is so my kids...Parker teasing, Kasidee glaring at him, Addison primping, Bailey taking care of Wyatt, Reilynn laughing at Bailey and Wyatt, and Wyatt being pampered and spoiled. 
 As good as I could get. :)
 Parker is starting his second year in middle school.  7th grade!!!  How is that possible?!?!  It was amazing the difference between the confidence level of this year as apposed to last year.  They knew what to expect, and they were good to go.
 Sweet Kasidee.  She wanted me to flat iron her hair this year for the first day.  She is so stinking cute, I can't believe she is so tall!  Parker and Kasidee both keep measuring up to me, waiting to be taller than me...not yet kiddos.  But getting closer!
 Miss sarcastic attitude, but shy all at the same time.  She has a fun sense of humor that is coming out lately.  5th grade, get ready!  Addison is coming!  The oldest kids at the elementary school.  She is in for a fun year!

 Oh boy...3rd grade and thinks she is going into 5th grade.  Bailey is always up for anything and ready to lead the group for fun. 

 What am I going to do without my buddy all day long?!?! She is now in school all day long.  She is doing great and loving it...but I sure miss her.