Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Big Apple

 Ok, so get ready for a ton of pictures.  We had so much fun on this trip, and wanted to remember every memory!  First of all, I wasn't brave enough to go on the subway the last time Mark and I went to NY, and I was so proud of myself that I went this time.  I could pretty much be a local now!
 Mark and I arrived a day earlier than everyone, so we got in some shopping.  Happy birthday to me! (It really was my birthday.)
 We tried to get tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show before, but they were all sold out within minutes. :(
 Rockefeller Center.  
 Times Square.
 Mark's parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and all they wanted was a couples trip.  So all of Mark's siblings and their spouses met up in NYC.  We even stayed right in Time Square.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!
 Me and Matt, we're pretty tight.
 Go ahead and see if you can find Mark and I and Marc and Michelle on the big screen...
 The family arrived and we spent the first night out at a park visiting until they kicked us out.
 This is everyone except Mark's oldest brother, who came the next day.
 You can find pretty much everything in New York, including a man dressed up as a baby, trying to get tips.
 We woke up early to make it to the Today Show.  Alan Jackson was the concert for the morning.
 I really enjoyed my time with Mark.  I don't get to just be a wife very often.  It was so nice.
 Mark's cousin happened to be in New York the same time we were, so we got to see their family that morning too.  They are behind Carson Daily.
 We made a sign that said "Happy 50th Anniversary Grant and Judy" and Mike held it up like his life depended on it, determined to get his sign on tv.  A cousin sent us this screen shot from the show that morning.  Good work Mike, you did it!!!

 We got passes for the double decker buses.  They were hop on hop off, so we used them like cabs.  
 The Flatiron building.
 9/11 Memorial fountains.  Amazing.
 9/11 again.
 Statue of Liberty.  We didn't go out to the island, we just saw it from afar.
 The ladies...
 The Gents....
 The Bull.
 Financial District.

 We went to dinner and play with EVERYONE.  It was so much fun!
 And it just so happened that Marshall and Mike packed matching  kakis and button down shirts.  (I think they called each other before hand and planned it.)
 Dinner was delicious!  We pretty much ate 4 meals every day were there.  The food was so good.  We found the best New York style cheesecake I have ever had...SO YUMMY!!!
 We were walking home from a play and saw Jason Alexander coming out of his Broadway play.  
 I love having all the cousins/kids together, but it was so special to have just an adult trip.  We could really sit and talk, not run after kids or put out fires.  It was a memory I will never forget!
 A few of us went to Amazing Grace.  It was beautiful!  It is the story of the man who wrote the song Amazing Grace. A few tears were shed, I highly recommend it! 

 We took the night tour over to Brooklyn.  It was a little hot, but still fun.
 The skyline from across the  bridge.  
 A glimpse of life back at the home front.
 Mark and I went to church on Sunday morning, everyone had to catch flights, and then we went to Les Miserables.  It is Mark's favorite play, and it was so awesome.  
This trip was unforgettable.  Thanks Grant and Judy for lasting 50 years, so we could all celebrate with you!  


 Mark and I got to go on a fun trip together this summer.  We were originally just going to New York City, but Mark ended up having a work meeting in Calgary, Canada and my parents were nice enough to watch the kids for an extra day so I could tag along.
 We went to Heritage Park, which was beautiful! It was Calgary through different time periods in the past.
 I loved the wood plank side walks, dirt roads, and horses everywhere.
 We took a carriage ride, and the horse right in front of Mark kept passing gas.  As you can tell, Mark really enjoyed it! :)
 Beautiful scenery!  It was like stepping back in time.
 There was a old car museum attached to the park as well.
 Then we got in contact with Mark's old filming boss from Utah State, who now works for the Stampeders, and went to see him at a game.  Canadian football is very different from our football, according to Mark, but it looked pretty much the same to me. :)
 It was a very fun way to start out our vacation together!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Taylor Reunion

 Because we have lived in Texas for so long, it was hard to just get home to see my parents, let alone go to an extended family reunion...I hadn't been to the Taylor reunion in 10 years. 
It was so great to see all my aunts and uncles that I haven't seen in a really long time!
 I was lazy and didn't get my camera out very much.  But I did get a few shots of the festivities...
 They had pixie sticks that dyed your tongue different colors.
 Addison was color coordinated...
 They broke open glow in the dark sticks and splattered them all over the kiddos. (The pic of Parker further down is better.)
 Wyatt wouldn't touch a sparkler just the week before, but he LOVED them at the reunion.
 I think he went through a whole box all by himself.
 Glow stick splatter success...
Parker loved riding all the motorcycles and 4-wheelers that all my cousins brought with them.  There was a constant hum of a motor going at all times.
 I hardly saw my kids the whole 4 days.  They played and played with cousins.  
 Hi Jessie!
 Addison really liked those mustaches. :)
I love living closer so we don't miss out on all the fun times!