Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day

 We live close to family!!!  We drove over to my parents house for Labor day.
 The fire pit is finished...time for marshmallows!
 So much yummy food!
 Uncle Paul and Aunt Peggy came, with Corey.  
 The kiddos have decided that it is no longer cool for me to take pictures of them.  I have to catch them off guard. Except Kas, thanks sweet girl!
 Mark and dad fell asleep to a football game, it doesn't get much better than that!
Well, maybe watching a movie with grandma...I love being close!

First Day of School

 Parker: 5th Grade
 Kasidee: 5th grade
 Addison: 3rd grade
 Bailey: 1st grade
 These cute kids have been so patient with our crazy life this last year.
Another new we go!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thanks Uncle Jeff

 Uncle Jeff saved my sanity!  With nothing to do outside, the kids were going a little crazy.
 Luckily, Jeff purchased a fun cart in Vegas that Mark picked up for him.  
 Jeff was nice enough to let us play with it a little until he comes to get it.
 Thanks for the sanity Jeff!
 It actually has come in handy to haul rocks too.
 You can mound about 3 or 4 wheel barrow loads worth on the back, and then sweep them off into the desired rock bed...yes, we have rock beds instead of flower beds now.
 Works like a charm.
 Oh, and I had to throw this picture in, of Mark's new baby.  He was pretty excited to buy a new trailer.  We needed it to haul stuff from Texas, and Mark jumped at the opportunity.  I'm not exactly sure why we need one right now. I guess we will just have to get some toys to haul...
The really nice thing about this cart, is that it has a weight sensor in the seat.  Parker is the only one heavy enough to drive it...until Addison figured out she could put all my free weights on the seat with her to make it work. Smarty pants!
Wyatt, Reilynn and I took it to the school, to meet the kids after the first day.  It was a little ghetto, but too much fun to pass up.  
Thanks again Jeff!!

Our new place

 Here is the new place.  
 As you can see, it needs some work.
 The inside is pretty much done, just some minor things we want to change eventually, but the outside is a blank canvas.
 After doing the inside of the last house, this is a fun change.  We already hauled rocks and spread them along the RV pad above.  It is starting to look a little better.
 Half the trees were laying on the ground.  We have most of them staked up and trimmed.  Now we just need a pool.:)
After living in the very green city of Houston, dirt and rocks are driving me crazy.  Can't wait for a little patch of grass and some shrubs to break up the mess.

Good Ol' Penske

 Mark and I flew into Houston to get all our stuff out of storage and drive it back to Nevada.  Mark had to work while we were there, so guess who got to go pick up the gi-normous moving truck....
 Luckily, Jess was there to offer moral support, because it was a little intimidating!!  Especially when we had to go get a trailer for the back because all our stuff wouldn't fit in the truck.  
 We even had some day laborers try and jump into the truck with us as we were pulling out of the U-Haul parking lot.  I have never heard Jess yell so loud..."What are you doing?!?!?  GET OUT!!!" It was scary, but we had a few laughs about it later.
Then we had one last BBQ dinner with friends before we headed out the next morning.  I wish I would have taken a picture with the whole group.  
There were many tears shed as we left our home of 8 years, and friends that became family.  We will miss you Sugar Land!  You were very good to us!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Aunt Karen's

 This has been a summer in the car.  We have taken full advantage of being closer to family and gone to the Murdock residence twice. Once over the 4th of July, and once in the end of July for Dylan's mission farewell.
 Uncle Dustin was trying to wrestle with Reilynn and she just laughed at him.  He chose the wrong victim...Parker would have jumped right in.
 Jessie got Reilynn and Bailey all dolled up for fireworks.  I can't believe how old they look!
 There was a big fireworks show that started at dark...which was about 9:30 or 10.  Addison had been throwing up all day, so I was a mean mom and made Bailey, Reilynn and Addison stay home with me.  Kasidee and Parker went with Karen and Rob to see the show. They weren't very happy with me.
 You can see that Addison wasn't feeling the greatest, but she didn't want to miss out on sparklers.

 Miss Jessie and Bailey, sporting their red, white, and blue.

 We went through a whole box of sparkers.  Literally 100 of them.  


 Great Grandma Taylor came over to visit for the day.  Reilynn took the opportunity, with her literal captive audience, to play.
 They had blocks set up for the houses and the little girls would travel back and forth.  Pretty much Reilynn was orchestrating the whole thing, she would just ask Grandma, "Grandma do you want your girl to come visit me at my house?" and then Rei would walk the little girl over to her house.  It was pretty cute!
 We had a few visitors...  
 The Nielsens came down to St. George, and we were able to meet up for a day.
 We headed to the Children's Museum.  It has a splash pad/little stream right outside the museum.  It was such a fun place! 
 Let's just pause for a second to notice the 6-pack my son is sporting.  Wow, good work buddy!
 Reilynn came and got me, pulled me over to this little guy with my camera, and asked me to take a picture of her with him.  :)
Here Addison is inside the museum.  She is fixing up this car.  I wish she could change the oil in my car, it is in desperate need!
 Then we had a few more visitors, and we took a Sunday drive to the St. George temple.  

 I love how the temple is bright white against all the red mountains.  It practically glows, so beautiful!
 The TenEycks had a family reunion in St. George.  It was so fun to be able to catch up with them!!