Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conference Weekend

 Have I already said how much I love living in a more central location?!?!?...Because I LOVE IT!!
 Mark had a mission reunion in Provo over conference weekend, so we headed to Aunt Karen's house.
 Relaxed, watched conference,
 saw good friends, ate Cafe Rio,
 tolerated Uncle Rob (hehehe),
 decorated cookies, and had a great time!
 They counted about 25 missionaries that attended the reunion,
 Some from Australia and New Zealand.  I couldn't get enough of their accents! 
 President Belliston is such an amazing man.  His soft spoken strong spirit was felt by everyone there.  The 2 1/2 hour testimony meeting was a testament to the good missionaries he helped to inspire.  I'm so happy that Mark had such an amazing experience on his mission.  I can only hope and pray that our children can have the same growing experience he did.

Uncle Dustin

 I love living in a more central place!  Uncle Dustin had a conference for work in Vegas, so we got to see him for a few minutes before we took off to Utah for the weekend.
 Uncle Dustin still thinks he is 19, and can do pushups with 5 children on his back...
It didn't happen.  Nice try though Dust! :)

The jump rope is going at such warp speed, that you can't see it.  But this has been a favorite past time of the girls lately!
"Ice cream sundae, cherry on top.
Who's your boyfriend, I forgot.
Is it A, B, C, D, E....."
Good times!

Trip to Florida

 Sadly, Mark and I were too busy relaxing to think to take any pictures.  Mark had a conference in Orlando, and luckily I was able to tag along.  I had 4 days of sitting by the pool and reading.  It was heaven!
My parents were nice enough to come hang with the kids while we were gone.  Thanks mom and dad!


 My friend Rachel showed us a fun idea to make pizzas with pita bread.  Fun, easy dinner!
 We got a new car...and I LOVE IT!!!
 There was a sale at Target...
...and a sale at Bath and Body Works.  I love their Christmas wallflowers!

Go Wolves!

Parker is playing flag football, Kasidee and Addison are cheering, and Bailey is on the Pep Squad.  Pictures to come!  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Mom, ahhh."

 This little, ok big, turkey just learned how to pull himself up on the bench by the kitchen table and the coffee table. We are about to have some really fun times at our house!

Wyatt can only say 2 words, "mom" and "ball." For everything else we hear "ahhh" "ahhh" "AHHHH!"
 We are working on signing.  He has milk, all done, and want.  But he sure is a stubborn little man. 
 This is his new favorite way to watch Wild Kratts.
"Mom, ahhh."

Special Visitors

 Mark's mom's cousin passed away, so Judy and Great Grandma Alice came for a few days to go the funeral.
The day before they came, we had a really bad rain storm.  The rain actually washed away a portion of the main road between here and St. George, which is where the funeral was.  Luckily, they were able to take a detour and make it to the funeral.  
They were only here a couple hours, but we enjoyed having them!

Eat dirt!

 I am so tired of the dirt everywhere!!!  
 Our backyard is dirt and rocks, and more dirt, and more rocks.
 The kids have had fun digging and getting dirty, which I actually love...
 It is just all the dirt they bring inside that I can't stand!!
 One plus of having no yard yet is we have a place to ride the 4-wheeler.
 My parents were kind enough to sell us their 4-wheeler, and it has been lots of fun.
Mark took Parker for a ride up to the gun range that is just up the street.  Men, doing manly things, you don't mess with that!

Star School

Reilynn lucked out and got into my cousin Amy's preschool. 
 This first day picture was a few weeks ago, and she has really been enjoying school.  Now I just need to talk Amy into having preschool 3 or 4 days a week! :)