Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ride in Style

 On our way to church...
 How many people can you fit on one golf cart?...
The answer is...7. Now you know, you are welcome!:)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

He looks so old!!!

 The pictures are out of order...because I had to start with the cutest finished product pic! :)
 As you will see...he did NOT like getting his hair cut.  
 The clippers weren't so bad...
 but he hated the scissors!!
Yes, there were bribes involved.  :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Family Pictures

 It was really convenient that the previous owner of our house had a photography studio in the outhouse!
 We were able to take family pictures without going anywhere or worrying about the weather.
 All the grandkids...
 Our family...
 Parker (11)...

 Kasidee (11)...
 Addison (8)...

 Bailey (6)...
Reilynn (5)...

 Wyatt (1)...

 Me and my 3 little (but not so little anymore) brothers.
 It was so fun having everyone at our house for Christmas!  I loved everyone being together, it had been awhile since we had been able to make it work.

The Aftermath

 The day after Christmas we took family pictures in the morning, and then headed to the strip.
 We went to the M&M store and saw the fountains at the Bellagio.
On Saturday, my mom gave all us girls tickets to a play at the Brigham Showhouse in St. George.  We saw It's a Wonderful Life.  It was awesome!
 We HAD to go to Iceberg while we were in St. George!  And then Cory and Lori came back to Vegas and we watched their boys while they had a night out.  We made banana bread and had a movie night.  It was a fun night.  They even helped with the morning chores...sweet kids!

 These girls got press-on nails in their stockings.  They actually stayed on for a few days.
 Mark got me a screen and a projector to go in the outhouse.  We got it all set up and watched our first movie as a family...Dolphin Tale 2.
 Built forts and slept in them.
 And this poor little man got pretty sick for almost a whole week.  
We are ready for school to start up again.  We had a really fun break, and are ready for a schedule again.

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day

Santa had a big job with so many little kids anxiously awaiting his arrival!
...and he didn't disappoint!
 This was cute Jack's first Christmas.
 After a yummy meal, FHE, and the nativity, everyone opened their pjs and a family game to play. 
 Mark and I thought it would be fun to have tee-shirts made for the occasion.  They turned out really good.
 Here is the barricade, keeping kids from sneaking down to see presents too early.
Grandpa and Grandma gave all the adults bikes this year.  It was so fun!! 

 Everyone loved their gifts.

 Wyatt could care less about the gifts...he just wanted to eat all the candy and chocolate. :)
 And he tried to too!

 Dustin was the official passer outer of presents.
 Cute Jack, just because.

 Payden and Cohen trying out their new game.
 I love Christmas day.  I love the calm after the storm.  Everyone is so happy to play with all the new loot, and there are good leftovers to eat.  It is a relaxing day.

 Addison was in heaven sitting with Aunt Jess, learning duets.
 Poor Cohen didn't feel very good through the visit, but he was still such a happy kid.  He is so sweet!
 Mark won the best uncle award! :)