Sunday, June 21, 2015

End of Year Award Ceremony

 These pictures all turned out terrible.  Between camera batteries going dead, and a horrible phone camera...they were awful.
 But they are.
 Addison started out with Ms. Allen in 3rd grade, but after Christmas she moved and Ms. Hemei took her place.  She had a good year.

 Parker had Ms. Garcia for 5th grade.  He had a little bit of a rocky start after moving to Nevada, but by the end of the year he did great!
 Kasidee had her first experience with a male teacher this year.  Mr. Armitage was great.  
 Bailey had Ms. Marcuz.  She made some really good friends and had a really fun year in 1st grade.


 My cute Grandma and Grandpa G gave me a crochet set for my birthday when I was maybe 13 or 14.
 My parents have kept it safe for me through all of our moves...and we are finally close enough to get it from them, and we actually have grass to play on.
So bring on the crochet!!!  Good times!

5th Grade Graduation Celebration

 Kasidee with her two cute friends Brooke and Angelica.
 Parker is stylin' in his 50's get-up.
 There was a DJ, shadow dancing, a pic booth, and tons of yummy treats!
 They danced and had a good time.
 These boys did a lip sync.  
Reilynn found a cute girl from our ward to pal around with.  Thanks Allie!!!

Friday, June 5, 2015

preschool graduation

 This cute girl has finished her career of preschool.  No more for her...she is moving on to kindergarten next year.
 Reilynn has grown up a lot this year.  She has taken on the role of Mom's big helper with Wyatt.  Wyatt has finally gotten big enough to be able to "play" with her, and she loves it...most of the time. :)

 We were so lucky that Ms. Amy found a spot in her preschool for Reilynn this year.  Amy happens to be my cousin, and her school fills up fast.  But a spot opened up, and we lucked out!!
 Look at how much taller Reilynn is than ALL the rest of her classmates. :) 
Seriously, she towers over them all!  But this is her best little friend Molli.  They have had a good time having many play dates this year.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Panguitch or Bust

 We had a the best crazy time with friends over Memorial Weekend.
 Mark, Shane, and Curtis all served in Australia together on their missions, and then we have stayed close ever since.  It was so fun to see our kids start to become good friends this trip.
 Mark and I, Elise and Shane, and Curtis and Rachel.
 I loved how all the wives were holding on to their husbands the same in this pic.  Kind of funny.

 We loaded up all the bikes, which happen to be quite a few.
 ...And we bundled up best we could...
 and headed down the mountain bike trail.  It was fun until we were all stuck in a VERY cold rain/hail storm midway down.  Needless to say, there were a few tears shed, and everyone was very glad to get back in the cars and head back to the warm cabin.
 We brought up the golf cart for the kids to play with.
 Can't be in a cabin without hot chocolate!!!
 Wyatt agreed!
 Kasidee was cold the entire time we were there...skinny minny!
 It rained the entire time we were there, except for Sunday.  We had so much fun playing games and eating yummy food inside...but we took advantage of the break in the rain!!!
 We all headed outside for some fun baseball...

 bike riding...

 rocket launching...

 and s'mores...

 Wyatt took full advantage of the unattended stash of marshmallows and cookies!

 Little Buddies...

 More bike riding (Parker you free-loader you)
 I hadn't ever riden a tandem bike before.  It was fun.  
 Bailey wanted to try too.  
 Wyatt was sad that he couldn't get on the tandem bike, until he found this fun little bike.
 Jayne and Addison had fun jumping off whatever this fun thing is...

 The little boys were playing flyers up...
 And the big boys couldn't resist a game of catch too.

 We had so much fun!  Thanks so much!!!  Can't wait until the next get together!!!