Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oh, ya big cry baby!!

 Addison wanted to help me make the pico for dinner.  I tried to give her the tomatoes, but she wanted to cut the onions.
 This was her first experience cutting an onion.  She did a great job...with only a few tears.  :)
Addison has really come into her own lately.  She is such a big help with her siblings, she is excelling in school, and she brings peace to our home...most of the time.:)

Rock Star

 This little dude has discovered head phones.  They are pretty fun, I will admit that!
 Bailey helped Wyatt find a rockin' station on pandora to pop his knee to.  Thanks Sister!
He's feelin' this one!


 The Easter Bunny did it again...jelly bean trails to find their baskets.  He got a little lazy this year was a straight shot to the goodies, none of this follow-the-trail-around-the-couch business!
 Reilynn and Bailey's baskets...
 Parker and Wyatt's...
 Kasidee and Addison's...
 None of our kids, I take that back, one of our kids likes jelly beans (Wyatt, who hasn't really experienced the good stuff yet). So the bags of jelly beans pretty much goes untouched...spoiled rotten children!
 The Easter bunny has even branched out and left starburst or jolly rancher jelly luck.  
 Sorry for the blurry pic, but here is Reilynn showing off her new Lego Friend set.
 New flip flops for everyone.
 Wyatt was a little late waking up, so he had his solo trail left to find...
 And he was in heaven.  Heck no, I'm not putting these treasures in a bag...they go directly in my mouth!!!
 ....ALL OF once!!! :)
 Here they all are...Lego-ing together.  I love Bailey's face, that girl and her attitude! :)
We had a great Easter/conference weekend.  It was so nice to relax at home and hear all the amazing talks and feel the true spirit of Easter all day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


 This was such a fun vacation!  The weather was great, the food was yummy, the beach was beautiful, and we went with the most fun people!! (Side note:  The yacht behind us is owned by some rich guy in Montana and is the same boat that was on the movie Overboard...complete with his own helicopter on the back.) 
 The first day after traveling, we took a water taxi out to see the arch.  You can see through the arch and see where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific ocean.  The rocks were amazing!
 There were sea lions everywhere.  They would even jump on the back of the fishing boats driving by for some fish and a free ride.  Here is the arch...

 Then after we went to see the arch, we convinced our boat driver to take us on out to see the whales.  He took us out to where the "whale excursion" boats were, and we found mom and baby humpback whales.  The whale boats left, and our captain kept following the whales for another 20-30 minutes.  It was amazing!  We were close enough to make me nervous! :) 

 On Sunday, we went to sacrament meeting in this little chapel.  The whole thing was in Spanish.  You would think that having 2 years of Spanish in high school would have helped a little...nope.  I got nothin'!
 We also went on a sunset dinner cruise.  It actually turned out to be kind of lame, but we still had a good time laughing at all the drunk old people who were attempting to dance and FAILING! :)

 We rented jet skiis and went out in the Sea of Cortez.  I have been a ton of times in a lake, and it is totally different in the ocean!  The waves were a blast!  And knowing that people jet skiing the previous day had seen whales in the bay, was a little scary, but SO MUCH FUN!

 We drove over to Chileno Bay.  It was suppose to have good snorkeling, but the waves were too big and it was kicking up all the sand...not very good visibility.  It was nice to have a break from the beach vendors and crowds for a morning though.
 I am ready to go was heaven!

Fun Visitors

 Ok, so he isn't technically a visitor anymore...Brian, Ashley, and Jack officially moved in out back in the "outhouse."  It is so fun having them so close!!!
 For their spring break, Marshall and Lynndsey brought their kiddos to visit.  We had so much fun visiting and playing!  I wish I would have taken more pictures!!!  I have been terrible lately about bringing my camera out!
 "Seriously mom! You are going to take another picture!"  That is what Parker says every time I get the camera out...even if it has been a year!
 Cute Audrey and Wyatt were little buddies!
 One of the highlights was actually the lemonade stand the kids all did.  They actually earned enough money to go to the movie.  Lynndsey and I took all the kids to see Paddington Bear, which was surprisingly cute.
 Wyatt even bought a cookie and a cup of lemonade.  He was all about supporting the cause! :)
 Oh, and so was Kas!!  Come back Marshall and Lynndsey, it was so much fun!!
Grandma came for the weekend.  She pulled out her computer and everyone got close to see her latest picture video she has made.  
Why does Wyatt seem to Nutella on his face in every picture.  I swear I feed him other things besides Nutella...even if that has become a food group in our house!