Thursday, August 29, 2013

Off to preschool

It is finally her turn to be a big girl and go to school too.  She couldn't wait to put on her back pack and head out the door!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School

 Wow, I can't believe we have 4 in school!!!  (Bailey is trying to do an ASL "K" by the way)
 Parker is in 4th grade this year. 
 He was a little nervous to start the year.  But he came home after the first day and said that 4th grade is awesome, "We get to eat our snack whenever we want!"
 Bailey wasn't nervous at all.  She was just so excited that it was finally her turn to join the big kids!
 When I asked her how her first day went she said it was bad because it was too short.:)
 Kasidee couldn't wait to wear her new horse shirt on the first day of 4th grade.
 She loves her new teachers, and she made a new friend, "and he was a boy."

 Addison started 2nd grade this year. She was adamant that her shoes match her outfit, and no socks looked "way better" than with socks!
She was nervous, but her first day was great.  She knows EVERYONE in her class already...little miss popularity!

One last Hoo-Rah!

 Instead of doing friend birthday parties this summer (since everyone's birthdays are all within a day), we took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge.  This is the hotel fun!
 Mark was on Wyatt duty,
 and then Bailey took over.
 Here is everyone, all ready to tackle the waterslides.
 All the slides and water were indoors.  It was the perfect place to have a newborn.
 I didn't get any pictures of Parker, Kasidee or Addison in the park because they were off together, non-stop waterslides!!!
 Wyatt was telling Mark a story...
Little (ok so not so little) dude in his swimsuit. 
This was a really fun fast trip.  I would definitely go back!

Girl's Night In

 Mark had a scout campout, and he took Parker with him.  So obviously we had to have a fun girl's night!!!  We swam, did nails, and watched a movie with popcorn and treats...lots of treats!!!

First Bath...NOT A FAN!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Family Pictures

 Getting everyone to look at the camera and smile should be getting easier as they get older...
 Nope...they were little pills!  I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the girl taking the pictures was able to get some good ones!  Thanks Brooke!!!
 Kasidee...10 yrs. old, double digits, starting 4th grade...holy cow, where has the time gone!
 Bailey...5 yrs. old, starting kindergarten this year, I'm losing my big helper...tears.
 Addison...6 going on 16!!!  This girlie has been my peacemaker this summer, making sure everyone is included and having fun.
 This handsome guy is 10!!!  He loves to tease and cause havoc with his sisters, but at the end of the day, Parker just wants to be a part of whatever they are doing.
 Reilynn...3 years old...Not sure she wants to give up being the baby of the family status. But she loves her little brother so much she doesn't mind.
 Little Wyatt has been so much fun!  He hasn't been the easiest baby we've ever had...he is actually kind of a stinker.  Luckily, we have lots of willing hands who don't mind his fussiness, and love him anyway.

The End.

Good Helpers

Floor it!

The golf cart has been so fun this summer!  I love that the kids can all pile on at the same time (And they can do it all by themselves!)!!!