Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving in St. George

 After a 3 hour delayed redeye flight, we finally made it to St. George at 6am our time.  It was a really long night....but we made it!
 Wyatt took right to Grandma,
 and Grandpa!
 This little man looks just like his Grandpa when he was he was a baby, red hair and all.
 I had to have proof that I was there.  I took all the pictures, I think this is one of the only ones of me. :)
 Fun games...
 My mom and dad moved into a smaller home in St. George that is much more manageable for them.  My mom was a little nervous about there not being enough room for everyone to play... 
 Their garage turned into the perfect playroom.  We brought out space heaters, a big piece of carpet and lots of toys.  It was ideal.
 It's not Thanksgiving break without a LOT of football.
We loved being home.

No really, we love being home!

Gobble Gobble

 Bailey had a Thanksgiving Kindergarten Feast.  It was fun to have lunch with her, especially since our Thanksgiving feast was Chick-Fil-A...the best kind of feast!

Our Little Piggy-Bank

 As I had someone at the house giving me a quote on redoing floors, Reilynn came running up to me choking. After a huge wack on the back and 2 fingers down her throat (mine and Alfredo's), she told me she swallowed money. She was still gagging and screaming, so I called 911. 
An ambulance ride and 2 throw up bags later...we are waiting for an X-ray. So sad!
After the x-ray, they determined she swallowed a quarter.  It was stuck in her esophagus.  We had to take another ambulance to another hospital with a pediatric doctor that could remove it.  
The poor girl threw up 16 times, was up until 5am before they admitted us, and then the surgery was at 9am.  14 1/2 hours after she swallowed the quarter, they took it out and she was as good as new.  It was a scary, frustrating, and infuriating experience...many tears were shed (and not just by Reilynn).  But we are so thankful that everything is ok, and their wasn't any permanent damage from the quarter being stuck for so long.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Let the RENO begin...

 I now live next door to one of my best friends.  It is so much fun!  She comes over after kids go to bed and helps with the house projects. 
 While both of our husbands were working out of town, we attempted to tear down these uppers.
We weren't very successful.  A handy-man, coming to give me a quote on some other projects, ended up tearing it down.  It was pretty stubborn!
More pictures to come.


 This cute kid loves to take baths!  He is so smiley most of the time!
 What a blessing he has been for our family!
Can you tell how loved he is?!?!