Friday, May 23, 2014

Splash Pad Vacation

 Reilynn had her field trip yesturday.  "Mom, is it time for my vacation yet?" "Your vacation?" "Yes, my trip!" Funny girlie!
 Laci is in preschool with Reilynn.  Those two are pretty much inseperable.  They even fight like sisters. :)
 Poor Wyatt.  I did a really good job of lathering him up with sunscreen, but I missed the top of his feet.  His poor little feet got burned.  I went and bought a swim shirt for him today too.  We are not used to a red head with fair skin!  He burns so easily!  I am going to have to be careful with this little dude!
 I was a little worried to have Reilynn in a joyschool for 2 days a week AND a regular preschool for 2 days. She felt so little at the beginning of the year.  But she has had so much fun and has grown up so much this year.  She would have been bored out of her mind at home with me.  One more year and she will be in kindergarten!!!  I can't believe it! She is growing up so fast!


Bailey and Reilynn had a contest with my hair.  They each took half and styled it the best they could, then I had to pick a winner.  I ended up with knots and clips and a headache, but it was fun.

Getting it all in

 Before we move from Texas, sob sob sniff sniff, we are trying to get in all the things we have wanted to do while we lived here and haven' the river.  
 About 3 hours away, there is a spot to rent tubes and float for a few hours.  We ate at this yummy restaurant first and then headed to the water.  Because we went on the weekend, we were there with all the college kids, floating down with their coolers.  "Mom, whey are all the girls in bikinis?!?!"  Awesome. When one man found out 6 of the children in our group were mine, he responded with, "Don't ya'll have a tv?"  Very original.  People seriously need to think of some new material.  
 Bailey and Natalie had a very fun birthday weekened!   

Birthday Girls' Night

 Instead of doing a party, Bailey chose to have a girls' night with her friend Natalie who's birthday is the day after Bailey's.  We went to Cheesecake Factory and had yummy lettuce wraps and chocolate cheesecake.
 Then headed off to get pedicures.  We got matching pink toes.  It was so fun!!!  I love my Bailey girl.  She is so sweet and loving to our family.  She is always up to play with anyone and everyone, and she is always looking out for her little sister and brother.  Bailey, thanks for being in our family.  We love you so much!!!  
 Happy 6th Birthday!

Field Day

I was so sad, I didn't get a pic of Bailey on her first field day...Failed.  Next year, I will do better!
 You gotta love field day!!  They had a lot of fun activities planned for the kids, but of course, water is the favorite!!!  We had a beautiful warm day, the kids loved getting soaked!
 I was helping at the water balloon station.  We were standing out on the blacktop, organizing the balloon toss. (Which is a hard concept for some kindergartners...Stop having birthdays at Sweet and Sassy, and have a water balloon toss in your backyard for goodness sakes!!!  These kids are deprived!
 Sorry, I get side-tracked easily.  "Squirrel!"
"Mom, you are so embarrassing!"  I love when my kids give me the same looks I gave my mom.  Apparently, I'm doing something right!!! :)

First Haircut

 Thanks to Reiylnn, we captured some of Wyatt's first haircut.  He did pretty good sitting still...Go-gurts were very helpful.
 He was starting to get a serious mullet, so we had to trim up the back.
Wyatt is smiling most of the time.  He is so fun to have in our family.  We love our cute sweet boy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Swim Season

  It is finally getting warm enough to swim!  I love swim season!!!

Mommy Daughter Activity Days Activity

Cute Kasidee and I did pedicures on each other.  Fun.


 Wyatt overturned a whole gallon of white paint.  All over the new wood floors and carpet.
 I called my neighbor in a panic...she rushed over and saved me.
We luckily got it all cleaned up.  I was freaking out!

Boxing for Date Night

There is a gym full of punching bags that offers the first class for free.  We HAD to try it out!!!  It was so much fun!  I wish we would have taken a before picture, this one is a little (ok, a lot) sweaty and gross.

Poetry For Mom

We have had the best 2nd grade teachers at this school!  Their philosophy has been, "We want 2nd grade to be a year they never forget."  They have gone above and beyond to add special extras to make it a very fun year.
 They had a poetry reading for all the mothers for mother's day.  We were invited to come and here our kids read a poem that they had written about us.  They actually made a whole book full of poems, and chose their favorite to read.
I didn't take a picture of the book she made, but this was posted on a bulletin board.  Sweet girl! (Thanks for letting everyone know how much I DON'T put makeup on.:)

Fun at the Park

 We had an afternoon without homework and we headed to the park on our bikes.
 We had to cut it a little short because we had a bathroom emergency :) but it was fun while it lasted.


Bailey was recruited to help a team that was short on kiddos.  She was only able to play in one game, but she had a lot of fun!  She is ready to sign up for the the next soccer season.

Love my Girlies!

 We had a girls' night.  We went and saw Rio 2 at Starr Cinema Grill.  It was really fun.
 Getting everyone ready on sunday fun to have lots of hair to play with.  Everyone picked out a style they wanted from my pinterest hair board, and I did my best to do it for church.  I wish I would have taken before and was fun. 

Disney Dazzle

 The second graders put on a play...Disney Dazzle for all the families.  It was so cute!! They worked really hard to memorize songs and choreography...really fun to watch!
Good job Addison and Robby!