Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Festival

 Grandpa and Grandpa came this weekend for Kasidee's High Flyer award, fall festival, time out for women, and the primary program.  It was a good weekend to come...it was packed with fun stuff!
 Wyatt discovered carnival games this year, and he was in heaven! 
 Luckily, we had 500 tickets to spend, so he got to get his fill!

 Parker helped for scouting service hours.  It is fun to see him getting bigger.  Wanting to be the helper instead of the kid playing the game. 

 Here is Bailey and Haley.  Who will blow there balloon up first and pop it?  Bailey won.
 All three girls did the cheer camp this summer so they were able to dance at fall festival.  The fun art teacher painted all the girls' faces.  They were so cute!
Here is Bailey's selfie of her face paint removal process.  Cheese-ball!

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