Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Halloween

 Sweet Reilynn was Wild Style from Lego movie.
 Who doesn't love having purple and blue hair?!?  And those adorable!
 This little man refused to dress up.  I had the whole batman costume for him, and...NO. 
 The only thing he would wear was the cape that Uncle Rob and Aunt Karen gave him from Mexico.
 Parker squeezed one more year our of this morph suit.  It was definitely the last year it will be was a little tight. :)
 Addison wanted to be a mime, and Bailey thought that sounded fun, so she wanted to be twinners with her sister.

 Addison had this picture in her head on what her clothes and make-up should be.  When we couldn't deliver, she was a little disappointed.  Luckily, she was happy with what we figured out in the end...but it was not a very fun journey getting to that point.

 Kas wasn't going to dress up, because she is too old for that now...but I convinced her to just put on some cute boot and a plaid shirt, and you are a cute cowgirl without trying too hard and it not being cool.
 I even told her I would match her for the trunk-or-treat.  It was fun.

 I love this crazy crew.  They keep me on my toes, but we sure do have some fun!
We were sad that Mark had to travel during the trunk-or-treat.  Luckily he was home for actual Halloween...I just didn't capture that with a picture. Boo.

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