Thursday, November 10, 2016

The most Magical/Crowded/Expensive Place on Earth

We have been trying to get the kids to Disney Land for 2 years now, and it was just never the right time.  Well, we finally just picked a day and made it work.
 Nevada Day was the day, and it was crowded, but we didn't wait in any lines.  We rocked the fast passes and handicapped passes (thanks dad), and rode everything we wanted to.
 Wyatt's all time favorite was Buzz Lightyear.  He was in heaven.
 Parker claimed high score of the game.
 I don't think I can think of another time when these 2 sat together, of their own free will and choice, and smiled about it.  It really is a magical place!
 These pictures are all a little out of order, but we are going with it.  For dinner, we went out of the park to Downtown Disney and the kids really liked the Lego Store.
 It is pretty remarkable what they can do with Legos!!

 Aunt Lori is the best, and got everyone Mickey suckers for the firework show.
 We didn't run into very many characters, but we did see Goofy.
 Toon town.

 Toon town again.
 We saw one of the shows in the afternoon.  It was so good!  So glad Lori suggested it!
 It was really fun to have Grandma and Grandpa with us.
 Cousins, and dollar store cars, rock!!!
 Kas sure loves her Uncle Cory.

 These 2 peas in a pod are best buddies.  I'm so glad they have become friends!

 On our way out, we got a family pic by the flowers.
 Wow, it was a long day. 
 Space mountain was the first ride we went on.  Kas hated it! It was hard to convince her to go on other rides the rest of the day.  Sorry Kas.
 When I say she hated it, that is an understatement.
 Parker and Addison couldn't get enough.

 Little buddies.
 Kas and Grandpa resting in Toon Town.
 The Halloween decor was so cute.
 Seriously, those dollar store cars were a life saver!  Thanks grandma!!!
 Squeezing in together to ride the rocket ride.
 The Haunted Mansion.
 The carousel was also a hit with Wyatt.
 There was no way I could sit on those tea cups and not throw thanks Mark and Lori for taking one for the team and taking the kids.

 Thanks Disney Land for a great day!!!

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Your trip looks amazing!!!!!