Thursday, November 10, 2016

Instagram Worthy

 These are my last few posts on Instagram.  Random, but I wanted them remembered.
This was a cute letter that I found in Reilynn's backpack.  Sweet girl!!
 These are my cute Thanksgiving decorations that I added this year.  My Gather banner from the dollar spot at that place!  And my Pumpkins sign that I made.

 Bailey and I just got the opportunity to go see Zion's Youth.  It was fun to have a date night with Bai, it doesn't happen very often.
 Kas made dinner, which also doesn't happen very often.  I need to be better at getting this girlie in the kitchen.  She likes it when we do.
This was from Wyatt's preschool.  I was happy to see that Disney really did stand out for him. 

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Amy said...

I love that note so much!