Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mark's phone

 I am not very good at getting all of Mark's pictures off his phone before I have already blogged all the events...but I don't want these to be left out.  
Cheer with Addi and her friends.
 Reilynn's first cavity, numb face smile.
 UNLV game.
 Not sure, but a cute Wyatt face.
 Bailey is queen of stealing phones and taking selfies.
 The school daddy daughter dance.
 More selfies.

 Six Flags with the Luszecks.

 Mother's Day breakfast. 
 Mother's Day presents and cards from the kids.  Priceless.

 Wyatt got to go on the Father/Son camp out this year.
 Bailey's 8th bday.

 Kasidee's end of year choir concert.
 Parker's end of year band concert.
 This is Mrs. Howard.  We LOVE her so much!!  She loves the girls, looks out for them, and is the greatest!!!

 Another selfie.
 Bailey's baptism day.

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